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mNotify provides an API that allows you to send SMS from your application. Sending sms via the API from within your application can be as simple as generating a HTTP request and passing it the relevant parameter and sending them through the mNotify gateway. This is in the form of a GET request via your desired programming language.


How To Send SMS via mNotify’s API

To send an SMS you must submit an HTTP GET request to http://bulk.mnotification.com/smsapi The following keys and values must be passed to the above URL.


The Parameters

Parameter Description
Key A unique API key generated by mNotify which is linked to your mNotify account.
To The recipients phone number.
Msg the content of the message. 160 characters per SMS.
Sender_id The sender id you would like the recipient of the message to see.


A sample url for sending  an API request is http://bulk.mnotification.com/smsapi?key=xxxxxxxxxx&to=xxxxxxx&msg=xxxxxxxx&sender_id=xxxxx
Error Codes

Error Code Meaning
1000 Successful
1002 SMS sending failed
1003 Insufficient balance
1004 Invalid API key
1005 Invalid destination

Click to view API integration guide

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